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I'm A Professional Web and Mobile Application Developer. My Passion Is Building Real World Web and Mobile Applications. I have Five Years Working Experience In This field.

To build back-end (server) I use Node, Express, MongoDB, and Socket.io. For front-end (client) I use HTML/CSS JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Since serverless applications are becoming more popular, I have been building web application with React and Firebase. Since React Native embodies all React's principles and syntax, I have been building mobile applications for Android and IOS using React Native.

After I gained knowledge about JavaScript, it was easy for me to learn React and React Native. Nowadays I mainly focus on React (web platform) and React Native (native platform), which are latest technologies.

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Web Development

If you are looking for a developer to build a complete website for your business, feel free to contact me.

Mobile App Development

If you are looking for a developer to build a real world mobile application for Android and IOS, feel free to contact me.

Free Support

If you need a help to fix coding errors related to JS, React and React Native, feel free to contact me, or visit www.stackoverflow.com to find solution to your errors.



Bootstrap 90%

JavaScript 100%

jQuery 100%

Nodejs 100%

Express 100%

React 90%

React Native 90%

Web Development 100%

Mobile Application Development 100%

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